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holistic and integrative

nutrition coach

"No to diets, just wellness  femininity and self-love"


With over 8 years of experience in sales&marketing industry, after my kids were born I managed to turn my biggest passion & hobby - nutrition & wellness into succesfull business. I am now working on improving women health through diet and lifestyle changes. I use an integrative approach, which means addressing the physical, social, cognitive, behavioral, spiritual and energetic aspects of life while calling attention to femininity and self-love. 


"It is my philosophy to first prioritise peace within ourselves and our emotional needs".


Sessions / Programmes

Do you often feel bloated? Are you constantly tired, is your weight increasing or have you noticed hormonal changes?

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Organic Tomatoes

"When I first approached Grete, I didn't think that this whole journey to find myself and to get to know my body would be so easy and pleasant. Does packing your bags and going to live to another part of the world sound scary? I am certain that most people would say “yes”. It is an extreme challenge and lots of stress to change lifestyle and eating habits. However, my journey with Grete was easy and fun. It has also turned into a beautiful friendship. Grete made me certain that we will succeed. And we did. She is a true professional in her field who restored my confidence, well-being and balance in my daily life. It was lovely to work together and enjoy those little life victories. A big thank you for helping me loose 14kg that I did not need!" – Laura

Grete Brokiene mityba mitybos planas programa

"I will not be able to write a testimonial essay, which other clients of yours do, however, I will say  a big thank you and give you an honest recommendation. As a person who has tried all possible ways to lose weight in their 43 years of life, starting with diets to nutritionists, I can truthfully affirm that I have finally found a way to do that. I have found you, and at the same time, love for myself, which was hidden under unnecessary kilograms and numerous insecurities. And the most important thing is that I know now how to keep and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Can I just add, that my new meals were very delicious. You are one of the few talented people who show and share their love for work with others." – Ernesta

Grete Brokiene mityba mitybos planas programa

"First of all, I want to thank you for teaching me to love healthy food and to realize that I can love myself even more. After starting your programme, everything has improved - well-being, mood, health and my attitude. My priorities for carrying for our family have also changed. Your answers to simple questions gave me an understanding of how much I do not know and that I have picked the right specialist for our family. Thank you for being so professional, for your comments, a healthier lifestyle and to making me love myself more. Wishing you good health and happiness while in my opinion working on the most important mission on earth!" - Eglė and Martynas

Grete Brokiene mityba mitybos planas programa

"I am so very grateful to you for your honesty, openness and all your other wonderful qualities you have that make your program and work so valuable. While I was in a downfall of finding the right diet for myself when I met you, I have lost 11 kg, got rid of fears, prohibitions and self-criticism after your “1 month for all life” programme. Your structure and constant women-to-women support worked really well on me. I lhave learned about healthy ingredients and have broken my believes on what is actually a healthy diet. Thank you for all your support and guidance for the food choices and supplements. If it was not for you, I would have wasted tones of money on the wrong things which I did not need. Thank you, Grete, for the light and for my new stage of healthy and self-loving life. I can certainly recommend you and will do to my friends and colleagues" – Giedre

Grete Brokiene mityba mitybos planas programa

"An honest thank you for what you are doing. For all the care, your knowledge and patience. I have found you when I did not know either what to do or where to seek help from, my inner compass was broken. Hormones, nutrition and the emotional state seemed on a downfall. You were the person, who believed in me and gave the the most important tools to make a better version of myself. And it is not just about healthy diet or delicious recipes, but mainly about how to generally take care of yourself. My wellbeing, habits and weight started to change after your programme. And I can now understand why it is called "1 month for the whole life".

Thank you, will always be grateful" - Guoda

Grete Brokiene mityba mitybos planas programa
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