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My aim is to help you improve your health and emotional wellbeing with the power of nutrition and easy lifestyle changes.




• Create regular eating routine, so you do not end up on emotional or binge eating

• Learn to understand food varieties: what to choose for each meal of the day

• Learn new, exciting flavour combinations

• Increase your energy levels

• Improve your sleep

• Boost your emotional well-being

• Turn your grocery shopping into a pleasurable experience

• Loose unwanted weight

• Help you to relax, enjoy grocery visits/ cooking/ meals

• Consume a bigger food variety

• Understand labels: what to pay attention to


The programme includes:


• Private coaching sessions

• Super foods: Learn how to include super foods into your meals

• Product benefits: Gain understanding of what the benefits of different products and ingredients are

• Different flavours: learn to include fascinating ingredients and flavours into your meals

• Cooking: Learn how to include healthy and easy yet delicious ways of cooking into your daily routine

• Daily meals: Find out what meals are best to choose for breakfast, lunch, and dinner including full recipes & product list

Nutrition course "One month - for all life"

280,00 €Price
  • +37062855480

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