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"1 month for all life" programme

For women who want to fall in love with themselves again

  • 1 hour
  • 280 eurų

Service Description

Do you often feel bloated? Are you constantly tired, is your weight increasing or have you noticed hormonal changes? Our aim is to help you improve your health and emotional wellbeing with the power of nutrition and easy lifestyle changes. All consultations are designed by holistic nutrition coach Grete to help you meet your individual needs accordingly to your body, lifestyle and traditions. WHAT CAN WE ACHIEVE TOGETHER? • Master the regular eating, so you do not end up on emotional or binge eating • Learn how to increase your energy levels • Improve your sleep • Boost your emotional wellbeing • Loose unwanted weight • Help you to relax, enjoy store visits/ cooking/ meals • Get most of the food The programme includes 1. YOUR BODY ANALYSIS: eating habits, BMI, fat/muscle mass, metabolic age, and metabolic rate 2. PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS: • Super foods: Learn how to include super foods into your meals • Product benefits: Gain understanding of what the benefits of different products and ingredients are • Different flavours: learn to include fascinating ingredients and flavours into your meals • Cooking: Learn how to include healthy and easy yet delicious ways of cooking into your daily routine • Daily meals: Find out what meals are best to choose for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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